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One of the greatest advantages of being a member of the Hillman Owners Club is that we offer free advice to our Members on finding parts and troubleshooting problems.  Remember to quote your membership number in all correspondence otherwise your request may not be dealt with.

Our Model Registrars have a wealth of knowledge for our Members to utilise however we are unable to pass on our Model Registrars details to non club members..... so do join the club to take advantage.

Please note that the Club is unable to stock Hillman parts.  It can help members to find difficult items from contacts within the Club.  This is a MEMBERS ONLY service.  For our Members - If your enquiry relates to finding parts please contact your Model Registrar directly their details can be found on page 2 of Coventry Spires or by entering the members only area of the website.

For everyone - If you have parts you wish to donate / sell / dispose off we can advertise them to our members for you. Please indicate details of parts, condition, price and location and postage costs and we will circulate your information to our members.  If you have a car you wish to donate / sell / dispose off we can advertise this to our members for you.  Please indicate details of condition, price and location and we will circulate the information to our members. 

Please note we cannot answer service and parts enquiries from non members.

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